What we do ?

We help you
understand online trends

We conduct real-time analysis of social media trends to help you understand market dynamics
and guide you in leveraging these insights effectively.

All Major Social Media

Discover trends on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Reddit—all in one place with Decentool.

Over 100+ Market

Receive tailored trends for your market. With 100+ markets, our trend analysis is finely tuned for your business.

Monitor chosen keywords

Choose specific keywords to monitor real-time trends, and receive notifications for any significant developments related to those keywords.

Alerts for business mentions

Stay informed and respond to your customers' online conversations in real time. Manage potential brand issues and leverage positive feedback effectively.

Spy on competitor

Don't miss out on your competitors' moves. Stay ahead by getting faster updates on any changes they make to their platform. Faster then their own customer.

AI Trend Analysis

We not only identify current trends but also recommend actions—what to follow and what to ignore—all powered by AI.

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How can we help your business ?

Never Miss a Trend for Potential Customers

Business always late with trend. Decentool ensures you're never late to trends. Get timely notifications on opportunity to boost sales and engage customers effectively.

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We can make your life easier

What to do with the trend ?

Discover the benefits of trending topics on social media. Let us analyze and guide you on leveraging these trends to attract more customers and attention.

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