Payment system for social media

Social Checkout

The future is coming. If you're not already on the blockchain, you're missing out. We've developed the first comprehensive system that enables users to buy any item without leaving social media. Keep scrolling and your item will be purchased.


What is social checkout?

With Social checkout, you can purchase your favorite item directly from social media. Social checkout uses bot to buy, NFT as item identifier and smart contract for transaction. In this way all the process will be completed securely and safely with less effort.

social checkout


  • Add balance to decentool smart contract and register your twitter account.
  • Comment on the social checkout link “@decentool buy”.
  • We will handle the rest of the process, within a few minutes all the transaction will be done and we will send you the transaction hash.


  • Register your NFT on social checkout and enable Decentool as the approver.
  • Link will be generated and post it on twitter.
  • Once a buyer comments “@decentool buy” on the post, your NFT will be sold. Equivalent amount of Matic will be transferred to your wallet.


  • Comment on social checkout link “@decentool buy
  • After a few seconds we will reply with a transaction hash and the transaction is complete.
  • All transactions will be done using MATIC (polygon mainnet) and buyers need to make sure the wallet and address balance are enough.
Social Checkout


social checkout architecture