Create Contents with a Single Click

If you're a solopreneur, it can be really hard to create content and promote it. I know how you feel, so I made some tools that make it faster and easier for me to create things. They help me focus on development without getting too distracted.


Here are the tools you can use

Youtube to Article

YouTube offers a wealth of valuable information. However, manually extracting this content for your social media posts can be time-consuming, requiring you to listen and perform tasks individually. We do it all for you.

Website to Article

Once you finish making your website, you might want to write something about it. If you do it yourself, you'll have to do research on the people who might visit your site, what they like, and what articles they would read. But with this tool, you can write an article with just one click.

3 Step to use Youtube to Article

Copy the link of the video that you want to make as social media post.

Paste the video link and specify its category and simple description of the video. And click "Get Article".

Now you have an article about talking about important point in the video ready to be posted online.

2 Step to use Website to Article

Copy the link of your landing page. And click generate.

The tool will analyze your page, get best users and write article according to the user interest.

Don't have much time to create content ?

If you're busy with your project, you won't have time for marketing and creating content. But those things are important for success. You need out tools to make it easy and quick!

how to get youtube link

Creating content is much easier now !

With the power of Decentool you can create an unlimited amount of content with short period of time. You might need to adjust here and there but overall, it will save you tremendous amount of hassle.

Use the tool now !